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This is a world in which gods and mortals meet. It is a place in which Faerie Stories and Tall Tales are true. It is a place where every god ever prayed to spoke back, and every demon ever feared stalked through the darkness, creeping ever closer to their unwitting victims.

The first book of the Tales Misforgotten trilogy: The Unshorn Thread is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store! The price is set at just $2.99, and the book is also available for free borrowing through the Amazon Prime Lending Library program.

Update: Paperback copies of The Unshorn Thread are now available on! Copies cost a paltry $12.99 each, so get 'em while they're hot!

The Unshorn Thread, part one of the Tales Misforgotten trilogy, is a tale of Merlin and his charge Arthur, the boy who would be king. Though their tale may seem familiar, The Unshorn Thread guides us quickly down unmarked paths and into new surroundings. Through the lens of Merlin and Arthur, we are told stories which span millennia — from Ancient Greece to the Steampunk future of American Reconstruction in the 1870s.

Want to know more about the book before buying your copy? Read the first chapter Here!

Want even more free content? Check out the short stories "Eyes" and "The Night Before"! Each of these leads up to the very beginning of The Unshorn Thread and is hosted here exclusively. They won't even be appearing in the book!

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